September 5th: Exec meeting

This week marked our first CUS Exec meeting of the new school year. Over the summer, these meetings were held bi-weekly, but will now be held each week at 6:30 pm on Tuesdays in the board room (in the student lounge). These, along with our monthly board meetings, are open to the public- so feel free to drop by and give us your opinions! (Or bring food. The execs love food.)

This week’s exec meeting did not involve any presentations from services/clubs/external. Instead, each member of the exec team gave an update on their portfolio. Here are the highlights:
CUS President Daphne Tse will be meeting with the CUS IT department to set priorities, and it was decided that their primary focus should be updating the website (That thing is looking older than the Fresh Prince).
Another important piece of news: Currently, the CUS Special Projects Fund (SPF) is being reorganized so that major conferences, which make up the bulk of SPF requests, can instead apply for conference affiliation. This will become its own program, and will be similar to the process of how clubs apply for CUS affiliation. The details of this are currently being worked out, as the timeline for this year will be different than that of future years since club affiliation is established over the summer and has already passed.
A student going on exchange submitted a request for his student fees to be refunded. When we looked into policy on this, we discovered a bit of a weird contradiction; it turns out that this cannot be accommodated under current AMS policy, but CUS policy states that a student in these circumstances should be allowed to ask for fee reimbursement. This will be looked into further, as, per the University Act, a change AMS policy on the matter would not come into effect until 2018W. In the meantime, this policy will have to be altered within the CUS Code of Procedure in our upcoming policy committee meeting.
Chantelle Fromager has taken over the role of VP Finance, and is in the midst of transition work. The process of hiring a new AVPF is now beginning (so stay tuned!).
Locker registration has just switched over to a new site (Showpass), and a few kinks are currently being ironed out (sorry about all the confusion!)
The issue was also raised that CUS Execs often end up taking on far more than they have the capacity for, while board members end up operating under their capacity. It was suggested that this stems from the fact that Execs meet more frequently, and are more up-to-date on what needs to get done. The two groups operate on different timelines. To remedy this, more integration of the board and exec teams is needed.
This year’s First-Year Survival Guide will not be printed, as it has not been completed; the exec team will have more discussion to determine where the allocated funds will go. It may be reallocated to another component of marketing.
EMP hiring is currently underway (do apply!)
The AUS VP External approached the CUS about potentially hosting an inter-faculty event.
Currently, VP Engagement Chris Bolton is spearheading the Policy Committee; many changes to the CUS Code of Procedure will occur this year, mostly to eliminate contradictions, streamline reading by splitting up the document into parts, and increase the accountability of the board and exec teams in the case of a violation. The Policy Committee will have its first meeting on September 18th.
The awards committee had their first meeting, and have decided to change the metric for award selection this year so that clubs and services can both compete for Best Conference. A Social Media category will also be added to the scoring matrix. In addition, clubs can now opt to present at the end of the year on their club’s progress and value to students, which will be factored into award selection. This aims to remedy the problem of unfairly evaluating clubs whose main value proposition does not involve hosting big events.
HeWe’s co-chair resigned, and current HeWe Exec Julienne Nieh was promoted to the position and voted in by the CUS Exec team (Yes Julienne!).

So, there you go! You’re all up-to-date, and you didn’t have to sit through a 3-hour meeting. Stay tuned for more updates from the omblog!

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