Sept. 12th: Exec meeting

This week’s Executive council meeting covered a span of topics, including two unresolved financial issues from 2015W. You can expect quite a few changes to occur in the next few weeks, especially with the CUS Policy Committee holding its first meeting on September 18th. So basically, there has never been a more riveting time to sit in on an Exec meeting! They’re open to the public, and take place on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in the boardroom (inside the student lounge). There’s no food provided, but maybe you bring food and we all just mooch.

In a nutshell, here is what was discussed at the last meeting:

• This year, the undergraduate society presidents have decided to form a Presidents’ Council.
• AMS rep Simran Cheema read president Daphne Tse’s statement about inclusion at the latest AMS meeting in response to the Sauder snake comments on Imagine Day and online.
• The class liaison program has begun, and is now operating entirely on Connect.
• Since the AMS required a switch to third-party payment site Showpass, there have been some issues with locker assignment, but these should be resolved promptly.
• Hiring for many CUS services is underway, and EMP hiring has been extended.
• POITS obtained its liquor license, and will be sending over its team’s Serving it Right(s)
• Our VP Admin is currently working on lounge redecoration, and we discussed the possibility of paying current custodial staff or hiring an external cleaning service to clean the lounge area (bless).
• We discussed the possibility of suspending Exec office hours and replacing them with Board of Director office hours; this way students may voice their concerns to their year reps, which, considering that their role involves representing the interests of the students in their year, seems to make a lot more sense. This will have to be changed in the CUS Code of Procedures.
• Bizweek obtained Beat Your Course as a sponsor. As BYC competes directly with a CUS service and poses some ethical concerns, this raised the question of whether the CUS should have policies regulating sponsorships for its services. We will be exploring this idea further in the Policy Committee meeting.
• VP Internal Phoebe Wong is working on developing Club Accountability Reports for CUS- affiliated clubs.
• Comm 483 is looking for funding for their alumni night; as per the new Special Projects Funding structure, this request will now go through the UGO.
• A company is requesting the payment of an invoice from 2015 that was filed with the CUS, but never reached the AMS.
• In 2015, PVCC conference was promised $22 780 through the Special Projects Fund, and only received $13 500. VP Finance Chantelle Fromager is trying to verify that these details are accurate before moving forward. (PVCC did not notice this issue because their bank account is linked with NIBC and UBCFA.)

So that’s everything! Message me or come talk to me in my office if you have any questions or concerns.

Bye for now,

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