Board Meeting- September 17th

The CUS Board of Directors met on September 17th at 12 pm! The meeting began with a presentation from Liam Adams, our IT director, requesting the creation of an ad-hoc committee to help define the scope of IT and create a system for prioritizing IT requests, as currently they’re feeling a bit overwhelmed! They would like all future and current unresolved requests to be submitted through According to Liam, the system is not ideal, but would be incredibly time-consuming and expensive to redo completely (and who’s got the time, frankly). Liam’s goal is to make IT more strategic in nature, in order to better help meet the needs of services.

In addition, two more committees were proposed: a Conference Affiliation Committee, which will operate similarly to Clubs Affiliation, with conferences presenting to receive funding. This is due to the new Special Project Funding model, which no longer includes annual conferences and is now run through the UGO. A third committee, the SPF Exploration committee, was also created in order to explore how this new system should operate on the CUS-side. Long story short, I am now on three new committees.

The HR commission is launching a new award recognition program that will allow people to nominate someone within the CUS who has demonstrated inclusivity, innovation, and/or personal growth. All of the nominees will be featured on the Facebook page, and there will be no winner or monetary award provided. But bragging rights abound.

The board also discussed eliminating Executive office hours, and instead instating weekly board office hours, where students could voice their concerns and opinions to their year reps and other board members. The board decided to do this on a trial basis before implementing it into policy.

The board also discussed a UBC Reddit post made by a student outlining her experience with the CUS, and rape allegations toward an unnamed member of last year’s CUS team. The team discussed the importance of taking these allegations seriously, and being informed on how to support students who come forward. President Daphne Tse shared her own experience with sexual violence, and how disgusted she was that the CUS would ever promote rape culture or be a place where students could not seek help.

The meeting adjourned after 3.5 hours. The next Board meeting is scheduled to take place on October 14 at 12 pm, and is open to the public! So bring popcorn. (We’ll bring the pizza!)

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