Policy Committee Meeting- Sept. 18th

The Policy Committee met on Monday, September 18th to discuss the proposed changes in the CUS Code of Procedure and Constitution that have been suggested by members of the CUS. VP Student Engagement Chris Bolton has been reading through the 100+ pages of policy to assess what changes should be made (Give him a hug when you see him).

To change CUS policy, these decisions must be passed with a simple-majority vote (50%) by the policy committee, and then be ratified by the Board of Directors with a 2/3rds majority vote. To make material changes to the CUS constitution, this must pass through a referendum (with a 2/3rds majority, and at least 10% of the voting population participating), which will be included in the elections form for next year’s Board of Directors.

Some of these changes aim to eliminate redundancy or errors (eg. “Two (3)”- that one’s a bit embarrassing). Others are intended updates based on factors that are out of the CUS’ control, such as updating the number of AMS reps in the CUS Constitution (from 2 to 1) to reflect changes made by the AMS, or changing specific dates within the budgeting process to reflect the updated AMS deadlines. Others are intended to increase the accountability of the CUS board and execs, such as including mandatory training minimums, office hours, and tangible penalties for shirking one’s responsibilities. The committee intends to set up a sustainable model for groups to have a say in writing their own parts of policy (such as the CR team and HR commission). We’re also hoping to add mandatory equity and student crisis training for members of the board and exec team. (And me: it’s a bit disturbing that the Ombudsperson has no mandatory training in Code.)

During this first meeting, the objectives of the committee were clarified and the potential changes discussed. The committee will aim to solve minor discrepancies and typos first before moving on to more major rewrites.
Contact me if you have any questions about the changes that are being made!

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