Sept 19th- Exec Meeting

September 19th’s Exec meeting began with a presentation from CUS sustainability. Their conference will be held on Friday, November 3rd, and they are on track to have all of their speakers and sponsorship in order to run the event (go team). However, they had some recommendations about hiring next year’s team; as they did not get to hire their team, they were not able to screen who would be available over the summer, which led to some challenges in planning the event.

After this, AMS VP Academic candidate Max Holmes came in to present on his platform. In terms of interacting with the various undergraduate societies, he is planning to implement regular meetings with their VP Academics, and reach out to review their academic concession policies. He also wants to do a review of co-op opportunities within all faculties.

VP Finance Chantalle Fromager met with the AMS to discuss Showpass, Sharepoint, and Square, and how it affects the CUS. We will also be instituting a new CUS credit card.
She also clarified that in order to be reimbursed for student fees while on co-op, one needs to get a letter from Scott King through the BCC. JDC West is also switching bank accounts in order to have the ability to manage its credit card.

AMS VP Finance has asked to meet with VP Student Engagement Chris Bolton about POITS’ revenue model. Chris says that the current model is effective, and does not want to switch to Square, as this increases overhead costs. POITS round 2 is happening on September 29th, and HeWe Eats is happening on Sept. 28th.

President Daphne Tse is looking into a new mandatory training program for the CUS Board and Exec team for responsing to student crises. We are looking to secure UBC-wide training, or new Sexual Assault Support Centre training through the AMS. The Sauder PR team is also currently planning a PR workshop for the board and exec team.

VP Academic Sapnil Mohanty met with the AMS tutoring coordinator, who is struggling to find commerce tutors. If he does not find any by October, Term 1 AMS Commerce tutoring will be cancelled. Also, the CUS Commerce Mentorship Program did not receive sufficient applications for tutors, and are wondering if they can hire one of their own execs. The exec team felt that this was a conflict of interest, and will discuss it in more detail at the next exec meeting.

Sauder Custodial has agreed to clean the student lounge for a fee. (No more gross fridge!)

The AUS VP External wants to host an inter-faculty boat cruise, and asked all of the undergraduate society VP Externals to participate in planning. The CUS CR team is looking into a blacklist for service sponsorships to prevent them from securing a sponsor that goes against CUS values or directly competes with another CUS service.

I met with a CUS Service chair to discuss some potential changes to budgeting, as some services received their budgets late, were not instructed on the changes that needed to be made, and cannot contact their financial analysts. Also, many large purchases were having to be made out-of-pocket and later reimbursed because they were unable to secure the CUS credit card (and we know how fun it is to ask your parents for money). VP Finance Chantelle is creating a document to inform services about the budgeting and reimbursement process. I am creating a budgeting retro document to compile everyone’s feedback and suggest changes for next year.

We will no longer be holding Commerce Day.

The IT team requested to have access to the Exec lounge. This was discussed at length, as some Execs were worried that enough people were misusing the office by taking items and inviting their friends, and that it set a precedent that all CUS council members should have access to the office. Others were worried that denying the request would make the Exec team appear exclusionary. The team clarified the Office Rules, and decided that these needed to be more widely enforced. Ultimately, it was decided that the IT Team should be granted access to the office. (On the whole, we spent a weird amount of time discussing this. But hey, we don’t bill by the hour.)

Those are the highlights from last week’s meeting! As I always tell my vast readership, let me know if you have any questions!

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