Sept 26th- Exec Meeting

The CUS Exec team met on Sept. 26th at 6:30 pm in the CUS boardroom in the student lounge. These meetings occur weekly, and are open to the public (We want YOU!).

The meeting began with a presentation from Ascend Leadership Club, an AMS club started last year hoping to gain CUS affiliation. Their club aims to help students develop mentorship relationships with local professionals through events and workshops. Their membership is made up of 36% Commerce students, and a majority Commerce exec team. The club appeared to be quite well-run, and their plans for the year realistic. The exec team liked their focus on diversity and professional growth, however felt that the club overlapped with too many CUS services (like the Executive Mentorship Program) and existing clubs (like BizComm) to add much value for business students. The club was denied affiliation.

First Year Rep elections are underway, and voting will take place from October 4th-6th. (There are 21 candidates, which, for reference, is a lot. That’s more candidates than I have dollars in my bank account.)
VP Finance Chantelle Fromager is working on resolving an issue with PVCC funding. The conference had been promised $9780 in 2015 that was never paid (We’ve inherited a nightmare.)
Currently, VP Internal Phoebe Wong is still processing room bookings for non-affiliated clubs; clubs whose affiliation was recently rescinded are still being processed, but this will be changing in the future. The room booking system broke, and the team is currently looking into alternatives. Phoebe is still working on informal and formal booking procedure forms.

CUS-Affiliated clubs will be receiving an accountability report to fill out, and will be invited to a roundtable to ask for feedback on how the CUS can support them, as well as to explain the purpose of this form.

The CUS will be opening hiring for the First Year Committee on October 14th. The program will look different this year, with more opportunities for mentorship by older students, and more partnership with the new Spark Chats initiative. The new HR Onboarding program will also be rolled out on this new team, and they will receive sexual assault support training from the AMS.
SFP applications must be screened and decided on by October 4th- a board meeting must be called to discuss these requests (this meeting will be held on Monday, October 2nd at 8:30 pm. This is also open to the public! :D).
CMP was unable to find a tutor for Comm 295. One of their execs offered to do it, but as this is a paid position the exec team felt that it was a conflict of interest. He has offered to step down from his position. Many execs felt that this was still not sufficient, but ultimately it will be the tutor’s decision.

The next exec meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 3rd at 6:30 pm, and is open to the public! If you love me you’ll be there.

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