Exec and Board Meeting- Nov. 7th

At the latest Board of Directors meeting, a motion passed to hold an additional meeting at the beginning of each month (the first Tuesday of each month at 8:30 pm, directly after the Executive Council meeting). This was the first of these meetings, designed to help the CUS respond to issues and requests more quickly as the board must approve certain requests in accordance with the Code of Procedure (ex- all requests over $10,000, and any decisions made by the Exec team that a student or student group wishes to appeal).

At the Exec meeting, the following items were discussed:

  • BCom governance has proposed a new law minor program, which, once approved, will begin next year.


  • The CUS Marketing team failed to post the hiring event for the Operations Coordinator position on the CUS website, thereby violating the Code of Procedure. However, the event was promoted through multiple other channels, such as Facebook, on posters, and in CUSundays, and VP Internal Phoebe Wong felt that it had been promoted sufficiently to move forward with hiring. (In light of these events, the Board of Directors voted to suspend this policy at the Board meeting following this Exec meeting.) The policy committee will discuss how these events can be prevented and better dealt with in the future at their upcoming meeting on November 14th.


  • ┬áThe Building Users committee is looking into possibly installing charging stations in Birmingham and getting more tables for CPA hall so that this space could be converted this into a study area during midterm season.


  • The Executive Council voted to grant additional funding to Awards Night in order to accommodate a budgeting miscommunication that occurred when their budget was originally confirmed. The specific amount will be confirmed at the Exec meeting on November 14th, but will be less than the amount requested. It will come from other departments within the CUS that are currently operating under-budget.

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to voice your concerns! The minutes from this meeting will be posted on the CUS website after they are approved during next week’s Executive Council meeting.

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