SPF Funding: 2017 W Term 2

The CUS has recently restructured the Special Project Funding application process. Historically, the funds were granted to fund new student initiatives on a rolling basis as student groups/organizations came in to present. However, it was often the same groups requesting funds each year for recurring events like conferences. Additionally, it was difficult to determine how funding should be allocated throughout the year, since funding requests were received at random intervals. This year, we are in the process of modifying the SPF process. Now, students apply through the UGO, and both the UGO and the CUS review the applications and make independent funding decisions. Funding decisions will be made only twice throughout the year; once in first semester, and once in second semester, and students must apply by the deadline in order to be considered. A separate fund for recurring conferences will be established for the 2018W term.

The Board of Directors reviewed the Term 2 SPF applications at their January 28th meeting. They had $34,820 available to allocate, and allocated $26,850. The remaining $7,970 will be carried forward to next year’s SPF fund. The funding decisions were made in order of priority, as ranked by an anonymous vote of the Board of Directors. Below, I have included a table with all the applicants, their initiatives, the amount requested, and the amount granted.


Applicant Initiative Amount Requested Amount Granted
180 Degrees Consulting 180 Degrees Consulting $1,110 $1,110
Alpha Kappa Psi IGNITE $1,200 $1,200
BlockParty BlockParty After Party $5,000 $0
1st Year Commerce Student TedxMuscat Youth $2,000 $0
eProjects LiteHacks: code-free hackathon $4,000 $2,750
PVCC PVCC Conference & Competition $30,000 $15,000
SpeakOut SpeakOut $5,000 $3,090
Strategy Consulting Initiative Strategy Consulting Initiative $2,814 $600
UBC Imprint Imprint Conference $1,000 $550
SCMC (Supply Chain Management Club) SCMC Case Competition $5,000 $0
UBCMA Gateways Conference $3,000 $2,550

Feel free to reach out to me at ombudsperson@cus.ca or visit my office (239D) if you have any questions about the rationale behind these funding decisions! All discussion was also recorded in the January 28th 2018 Board of Directors meeting minutes.

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